Get your weather-dependent sales forecast in just 3 steps.*

*After sending us your data on daily sales or visitor/guest entries (for at least last 3 years) you will usually receive your first sales or entrance forecast within 15 working days. The forecast will be available to you online and will be updated on a daily basis.

Location Austria

Data is stored on servers located in Austria, thus we adhere to the strict data protection legislation of the Republic of Austria.


All connections are protected with SSL.


Following secure upload, your data will be stored on our secure servers.


WEDDA® was developed by the renowned Austrian public research association JOANNEUM RESEARCH. After the setup of the forecast, your data will be removed from the web server.


The sales forecasts that you will receive are based on one of the world’s leading free weather forecasts, a joint service by the Norwegian Meteorological Institute and the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation. If available in your country, we additionally use forecasts of your national weather service.


The free trial demonstration of this service is funded by the FP7 project